Account Based Marketing and Its Support Role to Sales

Are you looking for a solid, streamlined sales process to maximize your closings? ABM, aka Account-Based Marketing, is the solution/answer.  

ABM is a sales approach to marketing. We can compare it to spearfishing as opposed to casting a net. It’s a great technique if you’re in B2B or know who you need to be in front of, such as someone’s job title.

In B2B, you need to do a lot more relationship-building before a sale since leads can be slow to obtain or close. This takes us back to our analogy of giving every lead the attention it needs to turn it into a close (capture). Even if a sale doesn’t happen at the moment, relationship building and staying top of mind can be what causes a sale in the future. 

This type of marketing supports your sales efforts. While your salespeople are out building relationships and working phones, your marketing team can advertise to that same list of people on LinkedIn, Facebook, email, etc. This allows you to have your sales team lead while the marketing team supercharges them. 

ABM means a streamlined sales process, with your marketing team running support. The sales team can then focus on what they need to focus on, which is working those deals to a close.

If you are ready to supercharge your sales team with marketing efforts, reach out at the link below to get started.