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You're wasting marketing dollars.

Partner with us and get more leads.
Maximize your campaigns with artificial intelligence,
and gain a real competitive edge.

Have you had
any of these
thoughts about
your marketing?

“I’m wasting money on marketing.”

“I’m not getting the leads I was expecting.”

“It’s hard to tell where we’re headed.”

“I can’t see the value.”

You and your company deserve better.

We get you. That’s why we started Vectra Digital.

We bring you value.

Lead & revenue-focused approach

Measure marketing performance based on leads and
new revenue. It’s the first number on every report you receive.

Use cutting-edge artificial intelligence Meet ADA, Our A.I. Engine

Beat your competitors by using A.I. digital marketing technology.

Get clarity and execute with a peace of mind

Succeed with a highly targeted marketing plan so you can focus on one thing:
growing your business.

Our Raving Fans

Your Growth Plan


Strategy & Clarity

Understanding your business and your goals are paramount to developing a marketing plan to get you quality leads and clarity.


Execute & Report

Actualize your marketing strategy with plans orchestrated to get you leads, and reporting designed for you to understand what’s going on.


Optimize and Improve

When everything is running smoothly, we don't sit back and become complacent. We are continuously updating creative, testing new ideas, and refining campaigns to maximize your budget.

This allows us to get aligned around your
vision and goals for your marketing!

Introducing Ada:

Ada is a proprietary artificial intelligence platform created to launch your marketing into explosive growth with digital campaigns that are continually optimized. This saves you money, increases quality lead volume, and projects future performance.

This powerful tool continually increases your marketing ROI, giving you business insights from your customers. This is the game-changer when it comes to planning your marketing campaigns.

All of our next-generation website design is Ada-ready. So not only is artificial intelligence optimizing your digital campaigns, but now it can optimize your website as well, bringing even more value to your marketing campaigns.

Latest News

Vectra Digital Acquires iPartnerMedia

Vectra Digital announced today that it has completed its acquisition of iPartnerMedia, Inc., a digital marketing firm and public relations agency based in Bonita Springs, FL. “We’re very excited about this winning combination and the future of digital marketing,” says Matt Bernhardt, CEO of Vectra Digital.

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Vectra Values

You're wasting marketing dollars. Whether you have an agency that doesn’t maximize your accounts enough or you have a team lacking expertise, you could be doing better. We use proprietary artificial intelligence to assist our team of experts to bring you the maximum marketing value for your budget.

With services ranging from digital ads management, SEO, email marketing, website design, reputation management, PR, directory management, social media marketing, you have all the tools you need for your business to succeed and exceed your vision.

With our team’s fanatical customer service approach and a deep understanding of your business, you’ll finally understand how your marketing is getting you there and what can make it skyrocket.