Generating Leads Using Social Media - Social Icons in the Background

Advertise where there are eyes and generate leads on the platforms where they spend the most time.

Social media is changing the way businesses are connecting with their customers. With enhanced audience targeting and an exponentially expanded reach, there is no reason why businesses should not be using this powerful medium to grow their client base. Become the voice of authority in your industry, promote a strong call-to-action, and find your niche with the platform that has the best return on your investment.


Facebook is perhaps the most powerful personal and professional platform. Thanks to its enormous user-base, Facebook is a must-have for businesses.

According to an article posted on Orberlo, There are more than 2.80 billion active monthly users on Facebook and 1.84 billion users that are visiting the site daily.

Facebook Pixels is the latest lead-generating tool from our friends on Facebook. Once you create and embed your pixel, Facebook will generate a unique dashboard that compiles data into an easy-to-read report.

This info-rich resource allows you to break down data by time frame, pixel details, custom audiences, and other data filters. Use the pixel to:

  • See how customers move between devices before conversion
  • Create a custom audience based on specific actions, such as visiting your page or adding a product to an eCommerce shopping cart
  • Optimize ad delivery by aiming your message toward individuals whose prior activity mark them as most likely to engage

Generate leads by tapping into this goldmine that your business needs to capitalize on!


You have 280 characters to reach a Twitter audience of 187 million active users. Make each tweet count!

One of the newest additions to Twitter is their lead generating “Twitter Cards.” These cards are promotional tools that pop up on relevant users based on your filtered criteria. You can use these to boost business, encourage newsletter subscriptions, or increase followers.

Don’t let the grey “Promoted” text on the bottom discourage you. These tweets work! With the right text, striking image, and strong call to action, you can get more leads than you think. In fact, outdoor clothing shop Rock/Creek used a Twitter Card to offer discounted sandals via email and received 1700 emails in less than a week!

Twitter is great to track trends, hashtags, and now Brand mentions. Track and respond to tweets including your company name, as well as common misspellings, related keywords, and your competitors’ company names.

Don’t forget to use these social platforms for their core purpose as well: to be social! Not all marketing is through advertising. You can host a chat event or Q&A to promote engagement!


LinkedIn is one of the most underutilized platforms for business. There are many features that you can capitalize on, but none more so than joining a group on LinkedIn.

The best way to establish yourself as an industry leader is by joining a LinkedIn group so that you can promote your business and build up your community.

According to Bernadette Boas, the CEO at Ball of Fire Inc., “[LinkedIn] groups are a significant part of developing your expertise, your personal and/or business brand, and your community… which can translate into leads as well as network.

LinkedIn also allows you to make offers. Offer a tantalizing Free Sample and bring the customer to you! With LinkedIn Premium you can filter through leads based on job role and other criteria before contacting them directly through InMail.

Inbound Marketing is proven to be more successful than outbound marketing. In fact, it’s proven to drive 54% more leads than traditional methods. Flex your Content Marketing muscle on LinkedIn’s growing publishing platform! Make the most of publishing on LinkedIn to solidify yourself as a voice of authority, offer valuable information about your industry that professionals will see, and generate leads while you’re at it.


Pictures are worth a thousand words! Add filters and videos to that equation, and you create marketing magic!

Following an acquisition by Facebook, Instagram has grown to have an active user base of 1 billion individuals. Stay alert and active when managing your business account, and don’t ignore the comments on Instagram! Just like with any other social media platform, you want to respond and engage with your customers. Having a strong, communicative presence will influence and generate leads.

Also, video is being pushed on every social platform and is now available on Instagram. The platform now lets you upload short videos, so don’t neglect to use them! Highlight a product, introduce your team, or just show the personal side of your business.

Just like Twitter, Instagram is a large aggregator of hashtags. Take advantage of them and create unique hashtags. It just takes a few posts for them to be crawled by Google. Hashtags are probably more important on Instagram than any other platform, even Twitter. Users browse tags, like, or comment on pictures before they even follow!


Vectra Digital specializes in social media content creation, campaigns, and advertising, utilizing all platforms, strong call-to-actions, and appealing deliveries to help you connect with your core audience and increase conversions. Contact us today at 239-234-2566 to see how your business can benefit from effective, fun social media pages!

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