How To Implement AI Into Your Business In 3 Steps

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Do you own a business, or are you a leader in your industry and often wonder about the benefits of AI and how to implement it into your business? Sure, you hear all the bad things about AI, but where’s the good in it?

AI is the future of many industries. It can give you a competitive edge if you know how to use and implement it correctly. So how do you get used to sharing the workspace with such an emergent technology that many individuals view as threatening?

It doesn’t have to be. AI can be your best friend and assistant if you let it and learn how to maneuver it. In a world where we can’t combat it, why not use it to our advantage and do things we do not want to do?

So what three steps do you go through when using AI?

Well, let’s start with number one.

Brainstorming Stage:

It starts with the Brainstorming Stage. You can think of AI as an eager intern who is ready, willing, and able to work on your business. Even though that intern may not know much about your business, you still give your intern tasks and information to work with. The more tasks the intern does, the more he or she learns about your business and how it works.

Be Specific:

The second step is providing specific and very detailed parameters when writing out your prompt, including word lengths, topics, and things to avoid. The more specific you can be, the better. AI will look to most accurately match the criteria and the directions you have given it.

Be Open-Minded:

The third thing is to have an open mind on the results you receive. It will not be perfect, more than likely, and you’ll have to tweak the content to match your ideal expectations. Just as a muscle grows the more you use it, so will your experience with AI as you learn what the tool is looking for and how you can refine it to meet your expectations. That means better results and fewer tweaks!

We have years of experience using AI and are passionate about emergent technologies. If you’d like to learn more about AI or have any questions on the subject, click below to schedule a time to chat.