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Boots On The Sand

The devastation that Hurricane Ian brought to Southwest Florida’s shores was truly jaw-dropping. Like so many in the area, we knew we had to do something to help.

Joining a dedicated committee of individuals and companies in the area, we assisted with the production and promotion of the Boots on the Sand concert. Despite the tight deadline and constantly fluctuating details that are indicative of a relief concert like this, our design team immediately got to work creating a website experience that would help attract world-famous talent, excite people about the concert, and solicit donations to help local charities.

We were clear with the rest of our planning team that we were a partner in this, and made sure that internal resources were continuously available at the drop of a hat for last minute revisions, changes, and updates that streamed in as the event took shape.

In the end, the concert was a massive success and we’re proud of the part we were able to play in helping to put it together.

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