How Your Social Footprint Impacts Your Google Rankings

If you didn’t know that Google is all about relevancy, then now you know. Google’s core goal is to provide the best quality results to their users both organically and paid and will go to any lengths to do so. Google’s algorithm is geared to have a bird’s eye view on all connections you have established to and from your website such as one-way links, two-way links, and all social media links back to your site. So how is your social footprint affected?

Most one-way and two-way links are static unless they are within a communication thread which updates every time a new user adds to that thread. Social links are completely dynamic – especially if they are part of a multichannel campaign allowing for multiple touchpoints to assist in influencing the user to convert on a call-to-action. I want to provide a bit of insight now on how you can wrap your head around a call-to-action and how you can wrap your audience’s head around it as well.

Think of your social audience as your Army or your team. In a team, you have a chain of command, and each link on that chain has unique responsibilities that once executed provide an end result. The effectiveness of the execution will determine the success of the campaign. On the very top of your command chain is the Chief Social Officer which could be you or the company you hire to round up the troops and take charge.

Like all executive projects, your social media marketing/communications strategy has to be well planned and managed. You start by creating a shared social media calendar and start inserting communications. For example, if your business was in the office equipment industry you might want to start with a new product review or talk about a specific product. Your communications must originate from your website and be syndicated as a social message on Facebook and Google+. The majority of your social posts must have a link back to the relevant information on your website. Other posts could be industry history, industry leaders’ birthdays, Holiday well wishes, and do-it-yourself solutions. I can go on and on, but you get the idea.

Social footprints help your rankings immensely now more than ever as the social graph is wide open for Google to crawl and index every second of the day. With time you will see how your results have incremented and how vital a social footprint is to your search ranking.

One of the most important factors, after you have your communications calendar ready, is time. How much time should I spend on my social media marketing strategy? Like everything, you get what you put in, so to ensure success we recommend spending 30 minutes to an hour a day executing your social media marketing strategy.

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