Do you think that the most modern, best web designs aren’t a priority? Think again! We’re making more impressions through a computer or mobile screen than we are in person these days. This dramatic shift toward digital browsing has pinned your website as one of your company’s primary first impressions, which means the appearance of your online presence counts—a lot!

The advancement of technology has revolutionized the look and feel of modern website designs, but it’s also upped the requirements. Now there are various types of technology that allow for digital browsing, so you have to build a design that accommodates multiple viewing platforms. That means on top of creating an impactful web design, you also have to be user-friendly and responsive, which is why we’ve compiled the most accessible and popular web designs available!

Parallax, Fluid, and HTML5 Canvas all lead the wide world of websites… Could this be the next creative step for your website? 


Parallax web design has become incredibly popular over the last few years. Clean, easy, and user-friendly, Parallax lets the scrolling do the work. How? It’s ingenious. The background of the website moves at a slower rate than the foreground when you scroll, giving the site a 3D-type look as you move down the page.

When used correctly and with subtlety, Parallax web design is visually stunning, clean, and simple. One of its selling features is the ability to put everything you need on one page: Who, What, Why, and Where.

A great example is the homepage of! It has a Parallax element, giving our customers a synopsis of what we’re all about.


To explain Fluid Design, we’re taking you back to seventh-grade science class!

In the deep recesses of all of our minds resides the Theory of Matter. There are four phases of matter, one of which is liquid. A liquid fits into whatever container they’re in. At its essence, Fluid Design works the same way!

Fluid web design is a highly responsive choice that fits the user’s devices. At the beginning of web development, most websites were built with fixed widths. This was fine when devices were limited to desktops, but today we are shifting between desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. Fluid websites can easily fit the screen of the device that’s being used, creating a much more user-friendly experience.

A good example of a Fluid web design is the transportation giant, From a wide laptop screen to the palm of your hand, the website shifts and changes to fit your device.


One of the newest web design styles is HTML5 Canvas. This fast-growing web design uses coding to create illustrations right on the web page.

Using JavaScript, web developers can draw graphics to give websites a creative, unique look that captures their audience. It’s an intricate, somewhat complicated process, but once it’s grasped, HTML5 Canvas-style websites are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

A fun example is the Play-and-Learn language website, Ba Ba Dum. Created by authors Aleksandra and Daniel Mizieliniski, this immersive experience builds a colorful relationship between illustration and sound.


If you can’t tell already, we’re no stranger to the world of web design! Vectra Digital creates eye-catching websites to reach users across multiple platforms while ensuring a seamless experience.

If you feel like your website could use a little extra love and care, call our offices today: 239-234-2566. Our creative team of web developers works with you to create a website that you can be proud to show your customers!