In our highly digital world, it has never been more evident that being mobile is not only suggested, it’s integral. We are living every day through our technology, especially our apps. People are reaching for their smartphones or tablets to start their day, connecting with coworkers over email, and interacting with customers online.

As mobile platforms like iOS® ( iPhone®, iPad®), Android™, and others evolve, the capabilities of reaching and connecting with your target audiences become endless. Web applications (apps) bring the level of integration needed to leverage these newfound customer touchpoints, allowing your business to engage with your customers intuitively and effortlessly.

Web apps are similar to mobile apps with a few key differences. According to Skilled, web apps…

  • Can be discovered in search engines
  • Can be linked to and shared
  • Can be distributed via the web

Web apps literally put your business in the palm of your customer’s hand while also retaining the benefits of a web presence. Putting the power in your customer’s hands through an integrated web app can impact your bottom line by helping your organization increase customer loyalty and retention.


Build your voice with an integrated app that’s tailored to your customer’s wants or needs. Progressive web apps are used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Mobile-only Promotions and Offers
  • Selling Products and Services
  • Customer Service
  • Fun and Games

The biggest mistake businesses make with web apps is failing to provide value. You’ve probably been there yourself; downloaded an app expecting a bang for your buck only to find that it was better left in the app store. Build an app that users want on their phones. Well-designed web apps that provide value allow your customers to get an immediate solution to a problem or question. Easy-to-use self-service apps decrease costs for companies and give users a reason to continue using the app.

It’s not enough to build it – your business needs to invest in the short and long-term goals. Building an extensive app strategy will give your business the building blocks to a web app that users will love.

For more information, check out this infographic from Skilled to determine if a web app is best for your business!