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Lee County Tax Collector

The Lee County Tax Collector’s office services a variety of vital functions for our area and is a digital bridge between the county government and its citizens. With how important the organization is to our area, we knew any extra effort we applied to the project would be well worth it.

Starting with a strategy and discovery process that included questionnaires, interviews, and focus groups, we identified the most important components that this website would need to have. From there we wireframed and collaborated with the team at Lee County Tax Collector to create a UI/UX experience that presented the best solutions for the scenarios we had discovered.

With the wireframe done, it was time to get creative.

Using custom animation, iconography, a forward-thinking design, and a digital-first strategy, we know it’s not enough to just check boxes with a website. Knowing that tax collection can feel intimidating and impersonal, we decided to feature Noelle prominently on the website to help visitors see the human faces behind a vital government service.

In the end, we wanted something the Lee County Tax Collection Office and Lee County itself could be proud to call their own.

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