How web apps are helping your business - going for the golf with Google reviews - Vectra Digital

Today, we all turn to Google for the answer. Whether you’re looking for someone to fix your air conditioner, need directions, or you need to know the name of that one guy you saw in that one movie 14 years ago, your first instinct is to pull up the most popular website in the world.

If you are a business or service provider with a grounded location, Google is a necessity for your success. When your business pops up on Google, users will be greeted with your name, location, hours, contact information, and perhaps the most sought after, Google reviews. Consumers love to hear from other consumers. There’s a foundation of trust when it comes to peer-to-peer influences that are unrivaled. So, needless to say, your reviews speak volumes.

Google reviews work two-fold for your business. First, it increases your SEO ranking. Second, it builds credibility for your business, which directly influences the decision of prospective clients and buyers.

Take a peek at your reviews. Are they generally positive? Negative? Nonexistent?

Regardless of the state of your reviews, there are a few best practices that every business should abide by:


At the end of every interaction with a client or customer, request that they leave a Google review for your business. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Many customers will jump at the chance to voice their opinion. The more you ask, the more likely you are to receive.


Whether it’s positive, negative, or simply a starred review with no comment, you should always acknowledge the review. If the review is positive you should thank them, and if it’s negative, don’t be afraid to start a conversation.


You’re a business and odds are that you will experience a negative review at some point. In the words of the great Douglas Adams, “Don’t Panic.” Think of negative reviews as an opportunity, not a downfall. You have the chance to address the issue, offer your apology and make it right. Remember, users can always update or remove their reviews. A negative review is not the end of the world, so don’t treat it like so.

The beginning of your reputation management starts with your reviews. Respond, react, and always express your gratitude. If you really want to tackle your Google reviews, check out these 7 tips from Ron Dod of Visiture.